About Us

Red Sea Sky Divers Diving Center in Hurghada was established in 2014, first started in Ali Baba Hotel, and slowly moved it roots to other places like Sahl Hashish, Makadi and most recently Regina Hotel in downtown hurghada. We offer Everything Related to Water and sea, And we say everything we mean everything, From diving and diving courses, sea trips, island trips, Water sports and everything in between! 

Why are we special? Because our passion made us able to grow fast, build a bigger business and get to know many divers around the world, though we have multiple diving centers, we still have the soul of the sea, we still love to dive, we still love to work, we still love the water and what underneath it. 

Our team is a highly professional multilingual team, We speak English, German, French & Russian. Our team motto is safety, so everything is planned according safety first and fun later. We’re inside of hurghada, meaning the transfer and transportation is easy and we’re reachable to anyone in or outside of hurghada!