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Hello there! You have reached our website, and you’re probably searching for diving in hurghada, sea trips in hurghada or want to take a PADI Course, or multiple ones. Maybe you want to try something new and exciting like water sports, Maybe you just want to chill on the boat with a snorkeling trip. Whatever you want and need, we have it! Our diving center, Red sea sky divers are one of the most respected diving centers around hurghada, and we would be happy to show you why! 

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Hurghada as long been recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the world to dive, benefiting from year round sun-shine and warm crystal-clear water making it an ideal holiday destination for divers and non-divers . Diving in Hurghada is a unique experience that we help you to get the full joy from it!

We offer wide range of daily diving trips, from normal day to day diving trips to first timers who doesn’t know anything about the underwtaer world, and if you’re a passenger on boat you’re welcome to stay with your loved ones! 

All of our instructors & Guides are certified PADI Instructors and Divemasters with minimum a decade of experience, you’re indeed in a good hands with us! 

PADI Is the foremost best diving organization in the world, and we here at red sea sky divers we offer all of PADI courses, from the open water diver course to the divemaster,  whether you want to just be a regular diver or you want to be a professional  who can work in the field of scuba diving, we offer it all, Following all the standards of safety without sacrificing the fun part of the scuba diving! 

PADI Diving Specialties is a Part of being a complete and experienced diver, there’s a very big and wide range of diving specialties that you can choose from, from being able to dive for 40m with PADI Deep diver course, to Explore all kinds of wrecks with PADI Wreck Diver, to drift and float like an astronaut with the PADI drift diver course, you’ll be the master of the underwater! 

Hurghada is a coastal city in the red sea, and it is blessed with a wonderful sea, bright sun, amazing islands to visit, colorful reefs and a lot of amazing sea creatures. It also has a lot of islands, espiecally the giftun islands that has paradise and orange bay islands among many others, and there’s the dolphins and dolphin house trip! We offer all the sea trips that makes you experience everything hurghada can offer! 

Ever wanted to try the feeling of flying? or do you like adrenaline coming from high speed boats and water games? whatever you feel like, we have it all! From Parasailing up to 3 persons, to the banana boat that can take your whole family or friends on it, to the sofa boat and the speed boat, you’ll feel excited like you have been never before! Oh, we forget to mention the water ski, you don’t have a professional  to try it! 

Red Sea Sky Divers Diving Center in Hurghada was established in 2014, our passion made us able to grow fast, build a bigger business and get to know many divers around the world, our team of professionals is a multilingual and some of them are polyglots, We offer Everything Related to Water and sea, And we say everything we mean everything, From diving and diving courses, sea trips, island trips, Water sports and everything in between! Click on the button and get to know more about our story!

Why are we special? Because our passion made us able to grow fast, build a bigger business and get to know many divers around the world, though we have multiple diving centers, we still have the soul of the sea, we still love to dive, we still love to work, we still love the water and what underneath it. Check out our Diving Center & Boats Photos and get an inside look at our vessels of operation!